Instruction | HOW TO WITHDRAW

To withdraw NFT to RUS or other well-known vaults, follow the instructions below:

• Login to your Metamask account in the app or browser extension:

• Select the desired NFT:

Click "Submit"

• If you withdraw directly through the service, then select the desired token and click "Transfer":

• Enter and confirm the vault address or RUS:

In Metamask:

In OpenSea:

• It is necessary to give money for a commission. The commission price also determines the withdrawal speed. Three levels are available: low, medium and high. The price varies from 0.5 to 15 dollars:

• Check the translation with if your status is green, then the translation is done. Also here you can find all the necessary details about the operation.

If the withdrawal is completed, it is impossible to return it back, you need to carefully enter the data. Our instructions reflect the scheme for transferring non-fungible tokens from popular services.

In order to avoid confusion, while waiting for a payout to your vault, it is better not to issue a another withdrawal.


Withdrawing NFTs is not difficult. But all transactions require money. The commission varies depending on the popularity of the blockchain and the price of the cryptocurrency.

You can also set the fee manually:

• Low withdrawal method - the cheapest and takes about 15 minutes;

• Medium - neither high nor low.

• The high-speed withdrawal method is the most expensive, fastest and most reliable.

We advise you to make a more secure withdrawal in the high-speed withdrawal mode.

Transactions can be seen at the bottom of the vault account:

If you want to know the assets with which transactions were made, then click the "Assets" button, and if you want to know all your recent transactions, then click the "Activity" button.

Advego check: