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Why was OpenSea Bot created?

Professionals turn to the OpenSea bot to complete tasks and control operations.

OpenSea Bot is a specially created program for trading tokens. The bot automatically connects to the service via API, controls the economic situation of the market and, if desired, opens an application for the purchase of a token on behalf of the owner.

Such bots are used in the currency market. After the increase in prices for digital art, they have become more in demand in the field. In many cases, a person is powerless, since less than a second is given to react.

OpenSea NFTbot has already been developed by a large number and programmers continue to create it, introducing it into the network.

For example, there is an official OpenSea Telegram channel, where you can immediately find out the news and get answers to your questions.

What keeps the Open Sea afloat

Creating tokens is free through Collection Management, making it easy to work with and populate the feed with objects. But the token itself is not loaded until the first sale or payment.

OpenSea collects an amount of 2.5% of the value of the goods. But the buyer himself pays this commission when buying an art object.

The creation and sale of tokens does not require the slightest amount of money. Even beginners are given the opportunity to earn by selling their own tokens.

OpenSea banned in Russia

Because of the US sanctions against the Russian Federation. The sanctions list contains a clause stating that American projects are prohibited from working on the Russian market. Therefore, OpenSea does not work in our country.

Behind the NFT platform, restrictions began to appear. The official website of OpenSea blocked many Russian clients in a short time.

Starting in mid-April, blocked users received an official warning from Open Sea explaining the reason, such as "account blocked due to non-compliance with the terms of service." In addition, it is reported that the collection of banned clients has been removed.

By the way, there is a Russian site OpenSea ru, which is similar in domain name to the OpenSea project, but sells goods for sea travel and sea holidays.